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5 Things Single Women are Dying for Single Men to Know

If you are a single guy who is following Jesus, we understand that you probably don’t mistreat us on purpose. We also know that there is no such thing as a relationship without risk. But here are five things that would help our hearts tremendously for you to be more diligent about.

Motherhood as an Act of Worship

Let's be honest. When I think of worship, I don't think of diapers. I think of time in church singing songs, lifting hands, “amen-ing” and applauding through a solid worship set.

I don't think of laundry and dirty diapers...

7 Reasons to Pray and Not Lose Heart

Do you ever get discouraged in prayer? Have you prayed and prayed for something, but aren’t seeing answers from the Lord that you would like to see?

If so, here are seven Biblical reasons that will encourage you to pray and not lose heart.

Son’s 1st Words After 244 Days Brain Dead Were ‘I Love You Mom’ - You’ve Got To See Him Now

There’s no question, Drew Kohn is a modern-day miracle. Following an awful motorcycle accident, doctors declared him brain dead, reeling off a long list of things he’d never do again. But Drew’s family held onto their faith - and each day, Drew is defying all of the doctor’s expectations!

10 Things God's Voice Will Never Say to You

How do you hear God's word?  Are you sure what you're hearing is from Him?
It's vital in the Christian life to know what God would say and what is, in reality, impossible for Him to say to you?

To help you more correctly discern His voice, here are ten things God’s voice will never say to us....

Installing Bathroom Tile Like a Pro

Updating your flooring can help infuse new life into tired, outdated bathrooms. For an upscale, polished look that doesn’t have to break the bank, take a look at these steps to install tile flooring. 

11 Ways Senior Women Can Pour into the Next Generation

So many young people go through difficulties in life and aren’t sure how to handle or how to pray or talk to God about it. This is where you come in.

Consider these next ideas and see which one stick out to you. Pray for God to give you opportunities to put them into practice!

Valentine's Day Q&A with Matthew West & His Wife

What's it like to be married to Christian artist Matthew West??
Matthew & Emily West spend some time under the romance microscope; answering YOUR questions about Valentine's Day.

Come watch for the fun and the feeling!

Who Was St. Valentine?

We give cards, chocolates, flowers and other expressions of love on Valentine's Day - but who is the person who carries the holiday's namesake? Learn some historical insight into this "lovely" holiday.

What Do Wives Want From Their Husbands?

Wives want quality time, help around the house, leadership, and affection - That’s what the article I read listed. But life tells a very different story.

What do women really want from their husbands?

7 Things to Do When Your Faith is Tested

In a single day, in moments, our lives can change forever.  During weeks of trials and tribulations I am beyond grateful that God provides hope. And through this faith test, I’ve learned 7 strategies to mitigate my fear and sense of hopelessness...

High School Students React to Anonymous Compliment Box

One compliment can truly make a difference in someone’s life. These high school students set up boxes all around their high school where anyone can write notes to anonymously compliment each other.  The response was overwhelming and all of the love spread like wildfire! 

How to Deal with Dashed Hopes and Disappointments

Have you ever found yourself extremely heartbroken and discouraged over a desire that wasn’t fulfilled or a prayer that wasn’t answered?

3 Ways to Successfully Establish Family Rules

With so many influences that are leading kids wayward these days, how do parents establish and enforce rules in the house - without starting a civil war? 

Here are some great guidelines...

Real-Life Parent Trap: Divorced Parents Remarried Years Later

These two sisters have a real life parent trap story. Mom and Dad get back together after being separated for almost 10 years!

We’ve all watched The Parent Trap, either the 1961 version with Hayley Mills or the 1998 version with Lindsay Lohan. But could something like that happen in real life? Julie Shore, Scott Gaede, and their two daughters, Rachel 24, and Caroline 20 say that it did!

Reinventing Yourself in Seasons of Change

While the seasons of life spin uncertainties and sometimes unwelcomed change, they are proof that God doesn’t want us to stay the same. He wants us to change with our seasons, growing in beauty, wisdom, and passion. 

DIY Ideas to Increase Your Home's Value

More and more these days, homeowners are pondering the intersection of function and design in new ways. If you’re considering upgrades to your home, consider these DIY ideas that can increase beauty and resale value.

Will I Still Be Married to My Spouse in Heaven?

Many of the questions we have about heaven have to do with relationships that actually are based here on earth. Will we see loved ones?  Will we know each other? Will our pets be there?  

What about our spouse - will we be married in heaven?  Here are clear answers.....

I’ll Never Be Free From This Financial Mess!

No matter how much money we brought in, we could never seem to get ahead. We were drowning in debt and were exhausted. We were in an overwhelming financial disaster and had no clue how to get out.

Can you relate?

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