Pat Barrett - 'Build My Life' (Official Music Video)

Of his powerful song, "Build My Life", Pat Barrett says, “It is the type of song that will cause you to look down, rather than up.  You look down to see what you’re standing on."

In a special live recording featuring Chris Tomlin, here's "Build My Life". 


Pat shares with us what this song has meant to him personally: “‘Build my life’ is one of those songs for me personally, that has carried me through so many years of change and uncertainty and if I’ve learned anything from being a father of three kids and Megan and I just celebrating nine years, it's that life rarely behaves with our plans, and it's usually in the uncertainty and the not knowing and the trials that reveals what we’ve been standing on and what we put our trust in. Jesus talks about it in Luke Ch 6 and says it's like a man who dug a hole and built his house on the rock, when the storm came and the house withstood the storm. This really is a reminder for us that we can build our life on anything, we have the freedom to build our life on whatever we want. And the invitation of Jesus is to build our lives on things that last." 

The song is from his 2018 self-titled debut that received instant praise from radio, media and fans.


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