for King & Country - 'God Only Knows' (Official Music Video)

For those times you feel alone or down, for King & Country has written this song just for you!

Watch the powerful video of the band's song, "God Only Knows"...

In a recent interview with CCM Magazine, the Joel and Luke Smallbone talked about where "God Only Knows" came from:  “We’ve walked with those we love as they’ve battled through loneliness, we’ve heard your stories of great loss, and lately, we’ve seen several in the public eye take their own lives. In turn, we were compelled to write and portray an honest, yet hopeful, song for us all during difficult seasons.”  

On their Facebook, the band said, If you or someone you love is feeling alone, misunderstood, or perhaps you’re mourning the loss of someone dear to your heart.. we want to encourage you with this song & video - ‘God Only Knows’....


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