Single Dad Adopts 5 Siblings So They Can Stay Together

Lamont Thomas spent years fostering children - 30 kids over 15 years to be exact!  But when the last foster moved out of the house, Lamont could not end it there.  (Talk about an empty nest!)

So even after he decided to stop fostering, he still wanted to help others - so he made an amazing change!  CBS News brings this story of selfless love, sacrifice, and hugs!

With help from friends and his church, this 48-year-old single dad put a complete stop to retirement plans to go fishing and go on trips.  Instead, he purposed in his heart to once again poured into the lives of children; to give these 5 siblings the home they would not otherwise have had.  

Is Lamont Thomas Dad of the Year?  In our books, he sure is!


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