Singer Ellie Holcomb Pens Her First Devotional Book: ‘Fighting Words’

NASHVILLE, TENN.Singer-songwriter and author Ellie Holcomb announces the release of her first devotional book: Fighting Words - 100 Days of Speaking Truth into the Darkness (B&H Publishing), hitting retail outlets on October 15. Named after one of her hit songs, "Fighting Words," Holcomb has penned a journaling devotional book filled with encouraging, honest reflections and questions to help readers process scripture. 

"Fighting Words is more like an invitation than a book," explains Holcomb. "It’s an invitation to come as you are and lie down in the green pastures of God’s Word. It’s an invitation to bury some treasure in your heart as we memorize God’s Word together, and my hope is that this book will feel like a companion who will meet you where you are, come alongside you, and help you know that you’re not alone. I think the main content of this book is God’s Word and your heart!"

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Nearly a decade ago, Holcomb began memorizing Scripture with a friend that was battling depression. They started committing God's Word to memory and called these verses their "Fighting Words." She has continued to do this with her music that is scripture-based and on her socials, she has shared regularly #FightingWords of encouragement for her community. 

"As we memorized Scripture together, it started changing us," Holcomb shares. "It didn’t change our circumstances, but it gave us some solid ground to stand on when the shame storms started rolling in, and it ultimately gave us a shelter and a hope that no matter what we were facing, we were never alone. It’s been one of the most transformative practices of my life, and it felt too powerful to not invite others to join me! I started sharing different scriptures that have grounded me and guided me and whispered hope in the darkest nights of my soul on Instagram over three years ago almost every Friday, and the comments and community that has gathered around the warmth and light of these promises from God’s Word has been so beautiful. This is what inspired this book!"

Holcomb has released two children's books (Don't Forget to Remember, 2020 and Who Sang the First Song, 2018) - each with a companion EP of original music written specifically for kids.  The second work earned her a Dove Award for "Children's Album of the Year," in 2020.

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