Matt Maher "Your Love Defends Me" (Acoustic Performance)

In contrast to our hurried plugged-in do-more culture, Matt Maher states in his song, "Your Love Defends Me" that being still is often the best thing we can do. 

This message is accentuated even more by Matt's tender acoustic treatment of this song.  Here's the solo acoustic music video of, "Your Love Defends Me"....

"Your Love Defends Me" is the first single released from Matt's album, Echoes, which released September of 2017.

"In my life, I’ve found that there are a lot of times where what I know I should say (or how I should act) is not consistent with what it should be", Matt candidly confesses, "and what I end up saying or doing is very much the opposite of what it should be. It’s very much what St. Paul describes in his letter to the Romans, when he says in Chapter 7, “or what I do not want to do I do, and what I hate I do." This happens in every area of my life - as a friend, as a husband, as a dad. When you combine that reality (which is part of who we are as imperfect people) with the world we live in right now, of capturing every moment to share on social media, you sometimes forget you’re documenting your past, and it can indirectly stand against you, almost like it’s an accusation of you moving forward into the future.

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it this way, but in the Bible, the devil is referred to as the great accuser. I think that’s very fitting, because someone like him is going to stand up and constantly try to hold the things that you’ve said or done, that reveal any inconsistency, against you to prevent you from moving forward. However, God is your Defender.

In my song “Lord, I Need You,” the chorus says, “My one defense, my righteousness,” and what I’ve realized in life is that it doesn’t matter how much virtue I try to master on my own, without Jesus, I just can't do it. I've realized that the love of God is not my last resort. It’s not my last line of defense. It’s the first one. Maybe the Christian life is more and more about relying on the defense of the love of God. It is God who stands by your side, it is God who declares who you are and who you aren’t. It is God who speaks over your past and heals it and fixes your eyes on Him in the present and towards the future. My prayer for you as you hear this song is that you would let Him be that for you- that you would let His love defend you."

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