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Lauren Daigle Talks About The Album "Look Up Child"

Success is a powerful intoxicant.  It'a natural for every music artist to yearn for it.  Yet, too much of it has ruined many artist careers....and lives.

After the unprecedented success Lauren Daigle had with her debut album, one of the first impulses she had was to retreat to the place of her musical foundation and rediscover who she was -- as a musician, as a person, and a believer.  

This honest conversation with Lauren shows that she came away from that place renewed, inspired, and sure of her place in music history. 

About the success she's enjoyed so far, Lauren has eternity in perspective.  “Music can exist for a moment, and then have the power to live legacies long,” shares Lauren. “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to passionately throw myself into what I love - my music,” she adds.  “This outpouring of support overwhelms me. Thank you to everyone for listening to, and connecting with, Look Up Child. Cheers to a fun future of music making and seeing you all on tour!” 

With Look Up Child, Lauren sought to capture the youthful whimsy of childhood and encourage others to maintain that childlike wonder and not lose passion for what they love. Produced by Paul Mabury and Jason Ingram, the ambitions 13-track album is a heartfelt expression of Lauren’s journey to self-discovery. “This Girl” brings details a trying period of her life and offers an assurance that you can never lose who you are. Another track, “Rescue,” offers up hope, stretching from sparse piano into a choir-backed refrain of “I will rescue you.” Meanwhile, the soulful “Still Rolling Stones” shares a battle cry to overcome the obstacles that life presents and ‘rise up.’ 

Lauren will embark on her first headlining theatre tour in support of Look Up Child on September 27th.  Presented by Food for the Hungry, the tour will kick off in Cincinnati and will make 40 stops throughout the US, including 17 sold out dates, before wrapping with two Nashville performances at the historic Ryman Auditorium in March 2019.  A list of tour dates and tickets are available here:

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