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I Am They Album, 'Faithful God'

It's been more than two years since I AM THEY released "Scars," the chart-topping single from their 2018 album Trial & Triumph.  But with a new lead singer and new direction, I AM THEY comes out with their third album, Faithful God.

Released to the public October 2020, the album’s first single, aptly titled “Faithful God,” expresses those familiar times of confusion, times when you aren’t sure what next step to take.  But, just as quickly, confirmation comes that shows, God hasn’t let go. The story isn’t over.

“That’s what people have connected to with I AM THEY, for being real," shares Abbie Parker. "We’ve always been upfront with the difficult things we’re facing. The trust that we’ve built helps us be vulnerable with each other and within our songs.”

I AM THEY is made up of bandmembers Matt Hein (vocals, guitar), Abbie Parker, (vocals), Brandon Chase (vocals, guitar), Justin Shinn (keys), and Nicole Hickman (drums).  Former lead singer Jon McConnell had been experiencing ongoing heart issues which ultimately prohibited him from continuing on with the band

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