Francesca Battistelli - 'Defender' Official Music Video

It was love at first listen for Francesca Battistelli when she heard "Defender" for the first time.  Its message of victory and God's complete protection made for a song Francesca simply had to sing!

With a very cool remix from Neon Feather, here's the official music video of Francesca Battistelli's "Defender"....

Francesca says that hearing "Defender" for the first time literally stopped her in her tracks, I remember the first time I heard ‘Defender’ I was driving down the road and my girl Rita Springer was belting out this new album in my car. I had to stop and literally go, ‘what is this song?’ It was so powerful. And I probably listened to it like ten times that day in a row. And I thought man I would love to put my spin on that song and to be part of it so we started doing it live and it was just my favorite moment of the night. The song is so anointed the way it connects with people; it’s so beautiful. And so putting it on this album was a dream come true for me.” – Francesca Battistelli

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