Cochren & Co. - 'Running Home' (Lyric Video)

Singer/songwriter and worship leader Michael Cochren and his wife Leah give us the title track from Cochren & Co's. sophomore album, Running Home.    

“The debut album was a process of exploring all of my musical influences and life experiences and finding out how that melting pot could create a sound unique,” shares Michael Cochren about the album. “It was kind of like figuring out how to build a ship, and how to push it off the shore and over the waves. Now with this sophomore album, I feel like we were on the open sea with a clear heading. I knew where I wanted to take this album. I really wanted the songwriting on this album to be personal, to openly share stories and struggles in a way that people can feel a connection to, and ultimately feel like there’s peace available in the highs and lows.”

"Running Home" Lyrics

Spent a long time running down a dead end road
Lookin for that something that could fill my soul
Never found what I was searching for
Spent a long time running from a messed up past
But you can’t go forward when you’re lookin back
But I ain’t looking back anymore

He called my name
And he stole my shame
Everything changed when I came running home
Out of the dark, into His arms
No more running away, I’m running home

No more running in circles, trying to be good enough
I’m far from perfect, but I found perfect love
In the arms that won’t let go
Got a heart on fire, got a wind at my back
Singing hallelujah, I am free at last
Every day I’m running home

Gonna run this race ‘til my final step
Gonna sing this song ‘til my final breath
And let the weight of this world go
Gonna be no tears, gonna be no pain
And when I see that smile on my Savior’s face
I won’t be walking, I’ll be running home
Leave this world behind I won’t be walking
I’ll be running home

©2023 Gotee Records
Written by Michael Cochren, Jeff Pardo & Matthew West


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