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Danny Gokey Audition American Idol 2009

Danny Gokey has a hot single on his hands with, "Hope In Front of Me" - but remember when he first started out as a contestant on American Idol?
Travel back to Danny's humble, and even painful beginnings as he sang to find his place on American Idol in 2009

Chris August, "The Discount Song"

Being the ever-watchful miser that he is, Chris August ("Starry Nights") has come up with this fun video to help all of us find that special price on that special item

Chris Tomlin, "Waterfall" (Official Audio)

Just like a waterfall on a parched land, or a splash of water on a hot weary soul, Chris Tomlin's single, "Waterfall" is full of imagery; describing how refreshing God's love is for the soul.

Here's the official audio version of the song.

Mandisa - Back To You (Lyric Video)

Here's Mandisa singing her latest single, "Back to You".  Can it top the mega-hit "Overcomer" has been?  Give it a listen and see if you like it as much!

Brandon Heath - Questions In the Truck

Have you ever wanted to ask Brandon Heath ("Jesus in Disguise") personal questions?  Here, Brandon answers a whole slew of fan questions - from food to sports to music to life - Brandon bears all!

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