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Healthy Marriages

Growing Loving Couples and Caring Families

Healthy Marriages Need Room to Grow
The key to maintaining a happy and fulfilling marriage is understanding your partner and what he or she goes through every day. So, take time to listen. Just listening, without offering advice or opinions, will help you understand and let your special someone know that they are valued.

“The key to maintaining a happy and fulfilling marriage is understanding your partner.”

Healthy Marriages are designed to bring married couples closer together, away from the daily hustle and bustle, to reach out and share with each other on a whole new level. Any quiet moment away can do wonders – even if it’s just a pleasant stroll through the park, taking in a movie, spending time with good friends or participating in a class such as this one.

The program will support your family in maintaining or even improving your relationships using two innovative curriculum called Loving Couples Loving Children and The Six Building Blocks of a Healthy Marriage. This research-proven curriculum is from
the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center.

Date Nights Are Nights to Remember.  Commit to being closer with fun and informative “Date Nights.” Loving Couples Loving Children participants will enjoy a retreat weekend and 9 weekly “Date Nights,” which includes a candlelit gourmet dinner, on-site childcare and meaningful interaction with your partner.

Six Building Blocks participants will enjoy a weekend retreat to remember including on-site childcare. Along with strengthening your relationship with each other you will also have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other couples, some of whom may end up becoming good friends. These sessions will provide you with information and tools you can take away to help you make your marriage last a lifetime.

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