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Free Chapter Download - Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Devotional

We've partnered with our friends at Regnery publishing to offer our loyal listeners the opportunity to read a free chapter of the new book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.

Here's the official description of the new title:

"From Dr. Meg Meeker, the celebrated author of the bestselling parenting guide Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, comes a new devotional for new and still-learning fathers of girls. A strong father figure is the single most important element in a girl's life—he is her spiritual guide and protector from her early childhood to the day he proudly walks her down the aisle. In the lovely and comforting Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Devotional, Dr. Meeker instills in men the knowledge they need to be the kind of fathers their daughters dearly need."

For the complete free chapter, click here.


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